5th Metatarsel Break

I stepped off a curb at work and broke my 5th metatarsel.
The X-Rays showed where it was broken and shifted 1 centimeter.
The orth. surgeon placed me in a boot and advised me to stay off completely.
I go back in 2 weeks for more X-Rays.
I have severe foot spasms and tingling in my foot now.
Am I looking to have surgery before it is all said and done?
Please help, I am very nervous

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    Without seeing the x-rays, I can only guess. If your doctor who evaluated you did not mention surgery at that time, it is more than likely that you are expected to heal without surgery. If you donot seem to be making progress down the road, I think the subject could come up again. Really, this is a subject you should address with your doctor. Write your questions down so you don’t get nervous and forget. Good luck.


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