5th toe problem

Five weeks ago yesterday, I stubbed my little toe on a couch leg.
When I pulled my foot out from under the couch, the 5th toe was laying slightly horizontal across the 4th toe.
I pulled it back over, into place so to speak, and it has stayed there ever since. The next day I saw my FP as the entire top of my foot was black and blue, the little toe was incredibly swollen and I wanted to make sure I had not broken any of the metatarsals.
My doctor said he could not believe it from looking at my foot, but said the toe was not fractured on x-ray (and neither were any of the bones in the foot) and wondered if it had dislocated.
He did not send the x-rays on to a radiologist to be read as he did not see a fracture and it is his protocol to only send them on if he sees a fracture (this is what the office staff told me). It is incredibly painful to even attempt extension, adduction or abduction.
Flexion is not too bad.
My question for you is: should I see a doctor/podiatrist about this.
The main problem for me and why I am writing is if I’m walking along and it moves into extension or I bump it, I’m in excruciating pain.
If I am startled and jump, this causes excruciating pain.
If I catch it on a sheet at night, same thing, terrible pain. I just wanted your opinion as to whether I should give it more time or see someone about it.
I know there is nothing to do for a fractured toe and that is where most of my pain is located, the toe.
However, I’m wondering if I did some other type of damage, muscles/ligaments as if I move it I’m back to square one again, terrible pain and aching.
Thank you so much!! (Sorry my post was so lengthy)B

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    It is not uncommon for X-rays to not show a fracture immediately. This can be especially true if they are not taken in the standard views we commonly use. Also some things just don’t show up right away.Since you are still hurting, I recommend you see a podiatrist and have your foot re-xrayed and go from there. Good luck.


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