5wks & still in severe pain

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I fell after missing the curb in a parking garage 5wks ago and hurt my ankle pretty bad. It swelled up right away and I was in awful pain. I don’t cry much but I was close to tears for 3 days then finally saw the dr. He was rude and in a rush. He told me just to walk on it after taking an x-ray and said it wasn’t broken. I told him in tears that I was in such pain and it hurt. He finally gave me crutchs and pain pills. The pills were so strong they made me throw up. I used the crutchs for awhile then tried to walk yet it still hurt so bad. I feel like pins and needles going up my leg. I was able to walk for a bit with just one crutch and for a day or two I walked without a crutch but still limped. The day of Christmas my ankle swelled up again and I was in awful pain. I am now back on the crutchs. At night my foot feels like it is in a bucket of ice. I try to walk but I get tingling up my leg. My ankle it very tender to the touch. I have pain up the back of my foot and on th!e sides where the tendons are. I have pain up to my knee sometimes. If I don’t keep my ankle proped up blood rushes to it and it turns all red and swells a bit. Then it is throbbing. I have now put an air cast on it which I got years ago when I hurt it. I have 3 kids and I homeschool. I have been unable to care for them and the house! I try my best to walk on it but like I said it hurts so bad. Can anyone help me? Please e-mail me personally at: [email protected] Ashley

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    hi there how is it going? have u made any progress? or found antyhing out?


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      I emailed you, I was wondering how your doing.


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