9 months of extremly pain, no answers

Dear Doctor,The balls of my feet after walking get very sore.
They seem to be burning and impossible to walk on.After sleeping they are fine except the smaller toes feel swollen all of the time.
I have been wearing the gel pads, they are of little help only.
I have been examined by one podiatrist, whom was puzzled, 3 doctors 3 opions, Gout, test shown uric acid levels ok, nueritis, nerve conduction test showed no neuropathy and metatarsalgia was the last opinin.
I am on neurotin for nerve pain and antinflamatory drugs which help about 30% of pain.
I should mention that I am overweightI don’t know what to do, I need good advise, please help.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    I am sorry you have this problem, but there is not enough information to formulate an opinion. There is much that a doctor derives form a face to face evaluation and hands on examination that patients just do not realize. You mentioned that you are overweight- could that be a factor? Other considerations would be Diabetes, Hypothyroidism,poor circulation, or Back pain. Isuggest you consider sitting down and discussing this with your family doctor and go from there.


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