Ab exercises for herniated disk

I have a herniated disk L5S1 and I need serious ab workouts after two pregnancies, but the traditional sit ups aggravate the sciatica.. Any ideas how I can work out my abs and save my back?

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    The best exercise with folks that have herniated discs is this….lie on your back, bend your knees, think about pushing your low back into the floor, contracting your abs. This is called a pelvic tilt…hold for 5 seconds. To make it a little more challenging, do the pelvic tilt and lift one foot off the floor, keeping your knees bent. Do that 10 times each side. To make it even harder, keep your knees bent, with one leg attempt to straighten your knee, all the while keeping the pelvic tilt. By stablizing your spine should prevent any further injury to your herniated disc. Here’s an idea, do you have doc? Ask him if you can go see a PT for some spinal stabilizing exercises. If you have direct access in your state you don’t need a dr. prescription.


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