Abdominal exercises for after hysterectomy

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I had a hysterectomy in January & I’m beginning to develop some back pain which I think is associated with weak stomach muscle.
I started riding a bike, but I broke my leg several years ago & need a knee replacement.
The pain has increased in the leg & it is swelling.
What kind of exercise can I do to get my stomach muscles back, but not hurt my leg.
I am also driving 50 minutes back & forth from work & my leg seems to be swelling & having pain around the break points.
Is this normal?


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    Swelling is never normal. Have you talked to your doc about this? You may need some compression hose to keep the swelling from getting out of control. Also, ask your doc if you can see a PT for some strengthening exercises and for your back pain.


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    Hi, I had a sensoredl hysterectomy in January this year, three weeks later, I had my left ovary removed and 400ml of fluid drained. A month later the wound turned ceptic and I had to have the skin scraped out, I’m not sure what type of exercise I can do, please help.RegardsRosemary


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