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I’ve had abdominal pain on my left side under my ribs for the past 5 years. It started during my pregnancy with my 3rd child. I assumed it was caused by him pushing up on my ribs and causing discomfort, but it hasn’t disappeared!
I can’t sleep on my left side and it hurts to be hugged by my husband. I’ve had several tests – a CT scan, multiple ultrasounds, 2 barium swallow x-rays, and there hasn’t been a single reason found for my pain. It feels like there’s something “out” pushing into my stomach. Is that possible? Should I see a chiropractor? Thanks!Michelle

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    Sounds like you have had plenty of tests to rule out anything severe. Could be you just have a rib that has moved out of position. Many times this is something that often goes overlooked by medical doctors due to their lack of training in the area of biomechanics. Their main objective is to rule out any pathological causes, which we as chiropractors also do, but we go a step further and take a look at postural distortions that can also mimic pathological conditions. I think a consultation with a chiropractor is a good idea.


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