Abductor Strain

Ailing Marathon Runner Needs Help
About three months ago I tore some muscles and ligaments in the top of my right hamstring/buttock area. When this resolved itself I was left with a pain which radiates from the right groin down the front of the thigh. It is particularly prevalent when I try to run or lunge forward with push off. Not sure whether it’s linked but I also get slight aching at the top of the hip/base of the spine at the same time.
Resting for weeks at a time hasn’t really improved things, although it is getting better, and I am able to run maybe once a week, but only for two or three miles. This tends to bring the discomfort back!
Have I just got to sit this one out and rest, or will therapy improve it?
I was hoping to post a sub-3 at London this year, but this injury has cost me that glory!

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