About Achilles Tendons

About 8 months ago, I hurt my achilles tendon.
I throw shot put and discus, so I am always on my feet and jumping.
Well, now, my tendon feels almost like it will snap at any time.
Some days it feels fine, but then others it just throbs and swells up.
I ice it all the time, and do stretches and exercises for it but nothing is working.
Now, the inside of my ankle will get this sharp pain that will go up vertically.
Then on the outside of my ankle, underneath the actual ankle part, there’s pains there all the time as well.
Is there anything I can buy (brace wise), or is it time to get an X-ray.
I’m just curious because the last thing I would like right now is to end my throwing career because I didn’t prevent something bad happening.
If you could write me back soon, that would be so great.
Thank you for your time.
Much appreciated.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    An X-ray will not show much about the Achilles tendon. An MRI would be better. You need to be examined and get more information.


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