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I have a one year old son who weighs about 30 lbs. Naturally he is carried alot and rests on my left hip with my left arm supporting him under his behind. Recently I began having pain in that forearm, I have not suffered any injury that I am aware of but it is very tender and painful to the touch. There is no swelling, or bruising, but whenever I stretch my arm all the way down at my side, I get a severe pain in that area that radiated from the underside of my forearm about midway all the way to my elbow and down to my wrist. It also always feels like there is cold water running over the tissue under the skin. The skin also almost feels numb on the surface. Is this something I can treat at home, or should I see my doctor. At my son’s age not carrying him around in some circumstances is simply not an option.

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    Sound like an overuse injury. I recommend you go see a doc and how about using one of those baby slings? That way you can give your arm a rest. Good luck, M. Scott PT


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