Above knee swelling

I had knee surgery the first week in August.
I had two tears repaired and a piece of rotton bone removed from the right knee.
I also have a Bakers cyst in the back of my knee that’s still there.
The area above my knee is swollen very badly. The swelling is not going away.
I use ice.
This does not help the swelling a lot.
When the swelling goes down some, as soon as I exercise my leg or move around it swells back up immediately. Does this mean that I have a blood clot.
What can I do to remedy this problem.

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    May PT

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    Have you been going to a Physical Therapist for rehab? If not, you should be. I don’t think you have a blood clot if you have been walking since the surgery, and don’t have back or leg pain at rest {if you do, call your doctor ASAP!}. I do,however, think that you need to call your Orthopedist and tell him about your condition…you might not need to actually go to see him, as sometimes he can re-assure you (or advise you) by phone. I would think, however, that he would want to at least talk to you by phone, if not actually see you for a follow-up exam at his office. I am sure he is being well paid for his services to you, so you need to be assertive and make sure that he fully answers all your questions, and addresses each of your concerns. If you are not going to a PT, you should ask him to refer you to one. Please talk to your doctor and let us know what he tell you.


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