AC Joint Braces

To Whom It May Concerne.My name Is Slawomir Rozycki, and I am a Physical Therapist who graduated two years ago, and needs help with one case. I have a patient with a mild AC Joint sprain, but severe symptoms of significant pain at rest, which increases with movement.
He has had previous PT treatment for this injury, which included ultrasound, strengthening, and taping of the AC Joint.
These semmed to improve his symptoms, but did not abolish them.This time, the patient reaggrevated his AC Joint pain with an increased work demands (he operates construction equipment – drives loaders, and steers with his affected extremity).
I have been trying to utilize the previous treatment plan, but the AC Joint taping only works if applied before he starts his job, and is done daily. I was wondering whether there is a commercial AC Joint brace available that would substitute the taping. Also, if you have any treatment suggestions, they woul be greatly appriciated.
Thank you for your help.


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