AC Joint seperation & reabilitation

HelloMy son is a ice 14 year old hockey player who suffered a AC secperation two and half months ago. Recover has been slow, he has been back on the ice for three weeks but demonstrates pain, and low mobility.
He complains about pain in the muscles towards the lower shoulder blade and under his his arm.
He’s trying to get back in shape for tryouts in two weeks.
He goes through a light streching everyday and has been on the ice for three weeks going through normal player routines of shooting, stick handling and has received and given some checks. Can you recomend a streching schedule for him to follow?Larry Smith

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    I seperated my shoulder in feb 04 and had xrays taken. I work for a chiropactor i’m an l.m.t. my Dr told me it was a clean seperation, but said it was a grade1 maybe2. He told me not to lift weights for 12 weeks. I just started back at the gym on June14 and try to rehap my sholder. I used to be able to shouler press 110pd bummbells but on mon I said i’ll go real lite and try shoulder press with 20pd bumbells,It hurt really bad I was only able to do three reps. I told my Dr what happen at the gym he told me to sregthen my back and don’t do anymore shouder exercises. What exercises whould I need to do to strenthen my shouler?


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