achilies swelling and pain up calf area

Could you please inform me as to the teatment that I should use for swelling of my achillies on both my legs,there is also a lump and pain in the rt calf area. I have ms and still am able to walk. Could it be my walking shoes or could it be foot drop a condition which I have. How should I go about treating it and should I continue to walk each day.Can you rcommend proper shoes,or support for when I do walk

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    I have the same problem that you do. I also have a pain in the achilles but for me it is only on the left leg. What I did was, When I was driving I noticed one position gave me more pain, then I slowly changed my position by shifting the carseat and drove in that position for more than an hour then found the right position in which my pain started curing by itself. It is a lot better now. So now I use the same position to cure the pain and maintain my control over the pain.


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