Achilles + Ankle injury

I know this is an every day injury on the boards but i really need help. first i discolated my ankles and i had that re adjusted back in place which was very, very painfull, my ankle is little better but the ligiaments seem very weak, how can i strenght them? + my achilles are given me a lot of problems same as my ankle problem i thought that would get better but its not my achilles are really really sore when i train ( i do tae kwon do) and sometimes when i walk too much i dont know if ive tearded the achilles or not, i did take time off training to recover but now that im back at training that problems started again. when i do stretches for my achilles it really hurts, anyone know how to recover from this? had this injury nearly a over a year now.
Plz can any one help me?

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