My son is in prision – so its very important that I get an answer for him.
This is what happened. He was playing basketball and heard his achilles pop.
He was given a bandage and crutchers.
After 2 wks the doc took off the bandage and took the crutchers and said it would heal on its own w/in 8 wks. He says that he can now touch his tendon and there is an indentation 3 inches above his heel. He cannot put pressure on the ball of his foot or push of, especially going up stairs (or getting up on on his bunk)if he pushes off of the middle or back of his foot its not two bad.
He can move his foot around in a semi circle, his ankle and 1/3 of his leg is swollen. he can shuffle from side to side but running straight ahead and walking is with a noticable limp. the puffiness around his ankle is tender to the touch.
Prolonged walking swells my foot up a lot.
He would like to know what course of treatment you would recommend.
We would appreciate any information you will give us as soon as possible because, as I stated he is in prision for just a year and believe it or not, the head doctor for the facilities is a veternarian.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Please understand I can not give you specific advice as I have not examined him. From the description, one possibility is a tear in the Achilles tendon. In some patients we put in a cast with the toes pointing down for approximately 8 weeks. The have to use crutches. Others need a surgical repair. I am sorry I am not familiar with what a prison facility can and can not do. If he is still hurting, can he request to be seen again? Will they let him use crutches until he is seen again? An x-ray will not show a tear in the tendon, an ultrasound or MRI will. I do not know if that is available for him. I hope this helps.


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