Achilles heal-re rupture

Approx. four weeks ago I ruptured my achilles heal playing doc. recommended surgery.
Five days post opt. I lost my balance and re-tore the tendon 4 cm.
After going back into surgery I am now 10 days post opt.
My question is: this morning I again lost my balance and applied a small amount of pressue on the bad leg and now I am experiancing pain.
What are the chances 10 days post opt. that the tendon is once again torn?
I have been bed ridden for the past 4 weeks and have followed all the rules.
I just want to know when the tendon starts repairing itself enough be out of the “red” zone and subject to another injury.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I can not say without examining and getting either a diagnostic ultrasound or MRI. Your surgeon might be able to determine this based on observation. You really have had a run of bad luck with this injury. I am sorry for you.


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