achilles pain, bone spur?

I get a lot of exercise for a 49 yr old. (since my 5 bypasses). I play recreational basketball 4x a week.
While playing, I developed disabling pain from my lower calf to the top of my heal.
The injury felt like a sprain that got progressively worse over a 20 minute period.
I took a week off and the pain eased, and retreated to the area where the achilles anchors to the top of the heel. But, it returns when I resume activities.
The pain can be rather sharp, and I wonder if I have a spur that is irritating the tendon.
Bill in Forest

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    .. I am a tennis player.(5x a week), female, 57 yr. old….and have a build up of bone tissue on the back of my left heel, with one small piece encapsulated,…painful yes, esp. when hit, and want to know what to do. I am being told that I need an achilles “relocation”…in order to carve the bone down to normal and clean it up….out of tennis for at least 7-8 months…any other solutions?? thx..j. patterson


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