achilles pain with running

I have been training for my first tri and about 4 weeks ago I ran 15 miles for the first time after regularly running 13.5 at least once a week and since then have pain in my achilles with gentle running.
The pain is during the run and soreness after.
I did not run for 2 weeks, however the pain still persists with running. My event is in 5 weeks and I do not want to stop running now if avoidable. Any recommendations?

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    If you really interested to run, I recommend that you always apply ice with compression on the painful area for 15 minute 5-6x / day. When you run apply a “kinesiotape” inhibitory technique on your whole gastrocnemius muscle for your muscle to have a faster recovery while your using it. Its too complicated to discuss the kinesiotaping of your gastrocnemius but its better to watch that kind of tape and taping technique in youtube.


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