Achilles rehab

I am currently in rehab for a surgically repaired achilles… Rehab over past 2wks is very non impact and i do not believe it is of much use at this point. Is there a higher impact rehab regimen to help the process of returning to sports

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    hi Todd,

    i am trying to find out the exact types of exercises i need to go thru, too, for the upcoming 6 weeks of physiotherapy. i injured the achilles tendon the end of July and had it surgically repaired in mid-August. since then, been in a cast and will get it off by end of next week. during the 6 weeks of casting, i was told by two physicians separately that 6 weeks of non-weight bearing on the repaired leg is mandatory, so that’s what you mean by no/low impact, that is what it’s required and then from then onwards, all i know is you need watch how you train your leg back to its original condition progressively. i haven’t started the therapy, so i have yet to find out more, too.

    hope above helps.



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