Achilles rupture

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I have a complete rupture of my achilles tendon. I saw a doctor who put my foot in a splint and have surgery scheduled. My concern is surgery is two weeks after the injury. It’s in a splint and immobilized. Is two weeks to long to wait? Should I look somewhere else?

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    cellis; to answer your question. 2 weeks is about the upper limit on waiting from date of injury to surgery. The reason for the wait is to allow some of the swelling to go down.

    After surgery: DO THE THERAPY!!

    Your first week post op will be painful, after that it’s just the immobilization that’s a pain! Therapy helps to keep all the muscles “in shape” while you hobble around in a cast or boot for 3 months.

    I can’t stress enough the value of therapy during recovery!

    Good luck!


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    Sorry to hear about your rupture, which I have been told is one of the worst sports injury’s to recover from. Mine ruptured in March 2001 (you may have seen my previous postings), I had it operated on the same day as I am fortunate enough to have private health care through my employer. My surgeon told me that this operation should be carried out within 24 hours of rupture.

    I had to have no weight bearing for 6 weeks, the plaster was on for 4 weeks at first, then they change the position of the foot and replaster for another 2.

    Physio started about 2 weeks after the plaster was removed, I couldn’t walk and within a 1/2 hour session I could walk again (not properly of course)! So I agree with another poster who said a good physion is a must. I suppose I started walking properly again around September. It takes a while to rebuild the muscle and I think it is just about back to what it was now.

    I hope to go to Netball trials in August as I have only just got enough confidence to start jumping around again. Not sure I will ever be exactly the same again, its more a mental attitude problem though rather than physical.

    I would try and push for the surgery if I was you but to be honest with the NHS it may not get you anywhere. Good luck.


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    You probably do not want to hear this but I originally had a rupture in January this year, then even after 6 weeks of physio it re-ruptured walking normally, this was in May. They operated this time, the same day. I supose different surgeons, different schedules and different countries?

    Though as sarah says it won’t make a difference, as they are going to trim and stitch it, then put you in a cast for a length of time. Once again this depends on the OS, possibly 6-8 weeks having your foot at different positions throughout.
    I am a bit different as its a re-rupture, so the OS said no weight bearing for 9 weeks, then 3 weeks with the foot in the neutral position with little weightbearing. 30th July the cast comes off, then rehab but this time the OS has said NO physio till Nov/Dec to allow the internal sutures to heal. As its your first time It might be different.

    I know a male early 30’s was operated on and he was up and walking out of a cast after 6 weeks.
    It all depends on the individual and the OS. What I can say though, is don’t rush it, because I can guarantee you do not want a re-rupture!!!
    Anyway cellis how did you do it?



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    I am very sorry to hear of your injury.
    My sister ruptured her’s just over a year ago now.

    I am just guessing, (I am sure anyone will correct me if I’m wrong) but I don’t think the wait will make a great deal of difference.
    My sister didn’t have surgery, (surgery is supposed make it stronger than if just left!) it was just left to heal. Her foot was cast pointing straight down so the two ends met!
    I would have thought that if by any chance it’s started to fuse together, they will just cut it and then sew it together again. Obviously the sooner you get it done, the sooner you can start healing, it puts you back two weeks in your rehab, but it’s a long rehab anyway(up to a year), so two weeks is not a long time.

    Don’t panic too much about the rehab time, I hope I haven’t scared you! You will think about it now and your heart will sink, but as it’s getting better you will feel good about what you can do.
    After being flat on your back for a few weeks, when you take your first step it will be an amazing feeling. And then the same with everything else as it happens after that.

    My sister is now playing light games of tennis with her son.

    Make sure you get good after care.
    My sister had lots of problems with the care she recieved. She couldn’t sit up for more than a few minutes without it going deep purple and becoming extremly painful, for over 3 months she was flat on her back unable to sit up. THAT’S NOT NORMAL!!!! But no one would do anything about it.(NHS politics at work there on that one!!!)
    In the end she went to see a physio privatly and was walking on it within a week!!!! So good rehab is the key I reckon!!! Don’t take any nonsense from them and make sure you do the exercises!!!!!!!

    Good luck, keep us informed.
    If you have any questions feel free to mail me.



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