Achilles Rupture Update

Well, as I mentioned in my last posting, I tore my achilles tendon April 27/05. Surgery was done on April 29th. In 9 days it will be 3 months since I had the surgery. 12 weeks in a cast or walking boot seems to be the norm. I was issued a walking boot and it has been far superior to one of those non-removalable plaster casts. I’ve been able to take this thing off every night and now can actually sleep with it off. During the first several weeks I slept with the thing on because I didn’t want to risk getting up in the middle of the night and forgetting that I wasn’t to put any weight on the injured foot whatsoever. I think I should be okay now. The surgeon made it clear that I was to use the boot for a minimum of 12 weeks. I’ve not tried driving with the boot on but I think I’ll try today or tomorrow. During the first several weeks my foot swelled considerably and edema was very obvious. A compression knee high sock has been a big help. I still feel a lot of discomfort in the ankle area and there is still swelling if I stand for too long. I can move my foot in all directions though there is considerable stiffness. The doctor recommended a stretching exercise which involves taking a long towel, rolling it up and placing my foot in the middle of it and then straightening my leg out above my head for a 10 second count. I do this 10 times daily. I’ll tell you more in the next posting.

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