Achilles Rupture – Warning Signs???

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I suffered a complete rupture of the achilles on 8th August 02. I believe I had warning signs leading upto the injury but every medical person asked said it was unrelated coincidence. I’d like to know if anyone else experienced the same warning signs leading upto a similar injury.

The signs were:
– a tightening of the muscle along the front of the shin (whatever that’s called), and
– stiffening and ‘claminess’ of the knee.
The signs first showed two or three days leading upto the injury.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


I was fortunate enough to have surgery performed within 48 hours. Currently have a cast and will have for 8 weeks. I am not looking forward to the lengthy rehab. I can sympathise and relate to other postings about achilles.

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    Thanks for that, I will try stretching and see if it helps it.
    Still worried though!


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    pain in the achillies tendon can be atributed to tight or weak calfes, maybe some stretches and strengh work might help. i know from experiance!!!!!! but a month of stretching and some step ups on the weak calf and the tendon is much better


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    On another note…………..

    If you do have warning signs, is there anything they can do??????

    I am being totally paranoid!! But after my sister and with myself being so injury prone, I am very worried!!

    Since March, I have been having a burning and sometimes tingling sensation in one of my achillies.
    I tried doing some sprints recently, and within 5 minutes I had a sharp shooting pain running up the outside of the tendon. I stopped immediatly ‘cos I was worried!!!

    Am I just being too paraniod??



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    Sorry to hear of your injury, not pleasant.

    My sister ruptured hers, and she definatly did have warning signs. About a 1-2 weeks before it happened she was playing football with her son, her achillies was hurting as she was running. This was a practice for a Fun Mother’s football match she was playing for her sons team.
    On the day of the game, she said that her tendon was becoming more and more painfull as she ran (usually things like tendonitis will dissapear as you use it and get warm!).
    Then all of a sudden, for no reason, it went.
    The pain she was suffering was a pinching pain at the bottom of the tendon, the same as tendonitis.

    But I know alot of people don’t get any warning signs, it just goes.

    Good luck with your rehab!!



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