Achilles Tendon

I recently tore my achilles tendon on June 27, 2011.
The plaster cast came off on August 13, 2011.
With the support of crutches, I am able to put weight on the ball of my foot, but am unable to put my heel down at this point.
My doctor told me to use the crutches for awhile. The first week he told me to try and stretch by flexting my foot towards me which I have been able to do to a point.
The range of motion has been slow, but is progressing very slowly.
Is this an accurate stretch. Once I feel the tight stretch along the tendon, I hold for 10 seconds not trying to force it past the stretch.
Is this accurate? Lastly, he has suggested swimming as a wonderful physical therapy.
I am going to proceed with the swimming next week.
Have other patients utilized this type of therapy.
Will I have full range of motion again someday?
What is the typical time frame to be able to bare full weight on my right foot and walk without crutches? And lastly, will I be able to golf again? Thank you for your input. Any further stretching exercies you can suggest, would be much appreciated.


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