Hi, im an 18yr old female frm the uk who Dances 5dayz a week. Back at the start of February I was doing Pointe work and felt a massive PING in the back of my foot. I didn’t think much of it and thought I obviously just pulled a muscle.A few weeks after that mt achilles began to get worse and the pain got worse, so I explained to my Dancer teacher and they said I pulled the achilles, so I was reffered to a Psyvhotherapist. The Psycholtherapist done nothin for me besides charge a silly price (what a waste of money that was). When the pain got wosr and worse so bad I began to cry with pain, I went to the doctor. After waiting a week, all the doctor could say to me was ”I have sprained my ankle and that I shpuld stop being silly and stop worrying and he prescribed me some Tubi-grip!!By then the pain was still bad and it was nearing to my 18th birthday and it was questionable whether I could go out with my friends as the painw as so bad. After I had told my mum what the silly doctor said, I was back down the doctor again the following week and this time I was referred to the Physio to help gain back strength and heal the tendon properly and quickly.3wks after going to the Physio, my achilles began to feel sooo much better and also different because the achilles was in pain for soo long. At this stage, I began dancing again UNTIL guess what? I tore the fibres I had just healed in the tendon. I was really upset and the sharp pains began again. So I rested the foot over the weekend and decided to get a ankle suppost bandage that was determined to fix the achilles once and for all and believe you me after a few days of waering the support bandage, my foot has felt soooo much better, so good that I am now able to point my toes to its full range like I was before I damaged my achilles. I still wear it when dancing so I don’t damage it again and I still keep up my Physio exercises to gain full strength of the foot. So after my life of my achilles, I woudl suggest to anyone who has an Acute achilles injury to use ELASTOPLAST ANKLE SUPPORT. It has certainly worked wonders for me and I’m sure it’ll work wonders for others in here.

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    Please give me the origin and insertion of the calf muscle?


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