Achilles tendon

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I am doing a sports studies degree and for some of my coursework I have to write a report on an ijury. I have chosen achilles tendinitis. Can anyone help me. I need to know about the causes, assessment, treatment, and rehab.
Any help will be much appreciated.

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    I’ve suffered from achilles tendonitis from time to time so I guess I can help you some.

    Achilles tendonitis is caused by overuse, abnormal gait, and, in most cases, not stretching properly before exercise. This condition is one of the most common among athletes, however, if left untreated it may eventually lead to an achilles tendon strain or rupture.

    Typical treatment of achilles tendonitis is RICE. Rest for at least three days or until there is not pain during walking. After this, the person should gradually build back up to running over the period of one week to avoid inflamming the achilles tendon over again. Also, ice can significantly increase the rate at which achilles tendonitis is healed because it reduces swelling, which allows healing to take place. Compression with an ACE wrap, or similar elasticy cloth wrap, will push the excess fluids from swelling away from the injury site. Finally, the injured leg should be elevated above the level of the heart to allow excess fluids to drain.

    Good luck on your degree. Hope this helps…



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