Achilles Tendon

On Thursday 2/21/02 I was playing raquetball, when I lunged to go after a ball something popped in my leg.
I could hardly get out get out of the Y by myself.
Went to an immediate care the next morning, was told I pulled a muscle I didn’t even need, to ice it for 3 days and heat for 2 and take Ibuprofen 3-4x a day.
Then Wednesday night after working all day and teaching youth group at night I was very swollen and bruises were appearing on my leg and ankle area.
So I made an appointment w/my Dr yesterday 2/28/02 and she couldn’t believe it. Apparently a blood clot is forming and I have torn my Achilles Tendon.
She said our first step is to get the swelling down and dissolve the clot that is forming.
Monday possible MRI and then sent to an orthopedic Dr. Does this sound like the right route to take at this time? From what I am reading looks like surgery is the only option w/a long recovery period to follow.
Thanks for your help! Kim

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    Terry Robinson PT

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    A MRI will show what is torn. It is hard, but not uncommon to tear your achilles tendon. This can require surgery and 2 to 4 months of down/rehab time or casting the ankle to allow the tendon to heal back by itself. Ice and gentle Range of Motion is best now. Stay off the ankle by using crutches. Lay with your leg elevated as much as possible. Let me know what the MRI shoes.


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