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I have a question and hope it can be answered here or lead me in the right direction.
I live in Crystal River Fl. I am 57 years old and I am very completive in senior softball.
I play about 250 games each year.
Last year I started having a heel problem, after a few weeks I went to the Dr and found I had a bone spur about 1 inch long under my Achilles tendon on my left heel. I have done most everything to avoid surgery, now 8 months later I don

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    HI Ed, tks. Sounds like you really have done some research, I hope to talk to a couple more dr’s next week, will keep in touch.



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    Hi Charles,

    Sorry to hear about your injury! I recommend getting another, 2, or even 3 opinions from doctors about your injury. I’d also strongly recommend that you see an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in sports injuries — not just a normal surgeon.

    Also, find out if the surgeon has experience with, performed surgeries for, and helped out any sports teams. If your injury is a popular one, you want to go to someone who has a lot of experience with your injury. If it’s not a popular injury, find someone who has a lot of experience with that area, in your case, achilles tendons.

    Also, see my message to Gayle about her back injury, especially for tips and getting patient references to find the right medical professional:

    I’m at the 3 month point after a nearly complete ruptured achilles tendon from playing basketball; the MRI showed that the tendon was “sheared”, kinda like how you pull cheese off of pizza and it creates those long strands. Luckily, I had no pain from the injury, but I couldn’t put any weight on my leg and couldn’t walk. I had percutaneous surgery done, where they make 3 small holes on each side of the ankle (similar to arthroscopic surgery) and tied the tendon together. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve started to walk again without crutches, although I have a little limp for now, until my calf gets stronger. I’m 34 and they expect I should be playing basketball again by the end of this year.

    Good luck!!

    — Ed


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