achilles tendon pain

I run 4-5 miles maybe three to four times a week.
I’ve been running now for about 10 years, often stopping in the winter months. This summer I have slowly developed pain in both my achilles tendons, about at the same time. I have not chanegd my course, shoes or anything else in my routine. From what I’ve read I believe this pain to be achilles tendonitis. Very painful when I get up in the morning and painful when I pinch both tendons. Painful when I begin to run and decreases as I run but never totally goes away. I’ve quit running and am using heel wedges in my shoes. Still I feel pain in both tendons. I have not tried the “stair stretch” or the ice packs yet. Also have not been using any anti-inflammatory drugs. Do you agree with the achilles tendonitis diagnosis and should I begin stertching and ice along with the anti-inflammatory drugs?

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