Achilles tendon procedure

A friend of mine injured her Achilles tendon in basketball. At first she thought it was her ankle because it also hurt on the side, but it later was only painful about 2 inches above the connection to the heel bone.
She normally experiences the most pain in the morning which seems to be consistent with most definitions of tendonitis. She hasn’t had any bruising to my knowledge.
The trainer at school had been taping, heating, etc. during the season and then did a lot of heating and stretching of it when the season ended. He is now recommending a procedure called “blading” because she is still experiencing pain. From what I can tell it is an intense massage with a hard object in order to break up the scar tissue. No MRI or other diagnostic procedures have been done. Any suggestions on this procedure or other possible avenues.

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    I experienced achilles tendonitis 3 years ago. The key is to first rest and ice for 1-2 weeks, and then have some physical therapy.Real key is various stretching beofre and after exercise. It’s imperative to loosen the calf muscles which in turn “loosens” the achilles tendon


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