Achilles tendon rupture

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I was in Cancun for the holiday and partially ruptured my achille’s tendon while playing volleyball.
The doctor put my whole right leg in a cast with my foot pointing towards the ground.
He said I should have my whole leg in a cast for 6 weeks and just below a below the knee cast for about for weeks.
To me this seems very extreme for just a partially torn tendon.
I have to make an appointment with a Dr here in the states.
Are there any options besides 10 weeks in a cast 5.5 more in a full leg cast.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There are 2 schools of thought on this- one that agrees with your present treatment and the other that syas a surgical repair is the way to go. Each patient must be evaluated as to what is the right way to go. There are studies that show each is an accepted method of treatment although the statistics vary amongst studies. When you see you doctor at home, your options can be explored. Possibly an MRI may be done to see the extent of the tear. I understand this is frustrating, but be patient. Good luck.


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    I too have a partially torn achilles tendon and wonder about healing options–surgery or ??????


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