achilles tendon tear?

How can one determine if a mild tear of the tendon has occurred?
Would the symptoms resemble a high ankle sprain?
I am able to walk with slight discomfort, cannot run at all, very severe pain, almost burning like, high on the rear of the ankle.

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    I have been diagnosed with a tendon tear that happened two and a half years ago, I am still having pain and swelling on a daily basis. could you tell me why this could be and will I Always have pain? I am able to walk and occasionally jogg but only for a limited amount of time I also have to cut my activities short due to pain, and I am only 21 years old. I have to take medication all the time and ice it on a regular basis is this due to the tear or could the tear have turned into tendonitus or something else, could I still need surgery? Will this interfear with carrying a child in the future, and could it rerupture in the future? IS it going to get better as I get older or worse? It still bruises and tingles and goes numb will this continuely get worse? Please help me to understand these questions, thank you so much for your time.


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