achilles tendonitis

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I have two separate problems, same foot…
Two months or so ago I injured my big toe on my right foot I jammed it, or bent it, and it was swollen/bruised for a couple of weeks, after that it hurt in the metatarsal area, sometimes a shooting type of pain in the bone / joint under the big toe /ball of the foot.
This injury is incidental, and not the major concern, but lingering.
THEN – at youth group a month ago I injured (same foot) the achilles tendon playing tag.
It became swollen (no POP was heard, so not torn, etc. just pulled, or overused) – and hurt to point the toe downward.
I iced it, put it up when I could, etc.
I tried an ankle support, but the cutout for the heel hit right on the achilles and irritated more than supported it.
Over time it appeared to get better but never painfree – THEN I began a walking program on the treadmill (no incline) and now it is KILLING ME!
it’s achilles tendonitis.
I went online and discovered that for myself… Do you have any advice for some self care tips that would improve it.
(I’ll sign a waiver not to sue you!)What I think I need is an achilles support brace, that keeps it immobile – limiting up/down movement.
I have seen them online but where can I buy one like TODAY?
I’m in Frisco and I see you’re in McKinney.
I am in a bit of pain,especially going up stairs, or walking, and can’t take motrin or an anti-inflammatory due to my chronic inflammatory bowel disease (it brings on a flare) but I could take prednisone for a couple of days to help that area. (Anyway, any thoughts? How about ice, rest, heat, continuing to walk, or not…?
Any advice you could give would be a great help Thanks in advance! kathy


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    From your description, it is possible you have more than achilles tendonitis. A partial tear may have occured. I would recommend at least a diagnostic ultrasound and possibly a MRI to see this better. X-rays will not show a soft tissue problem. You might have a fracture of your big toe thopugh and an x-ray would be indicated.Overall, if my suspicions were correct, I would recommend you be in a cast boot to immobilize everything.As for responding to you other concerns, I really would need to take a history and examine you first. I recommend you be seen ( and it doesn’t have to be me- I do this as a service, not necessarily to get patients, since I have a disclaimer on the site.)


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    I have similar symptoms as your previous writer, Kathy, however, I had no original toe injury. I did have an ankle injury / sprain. My ankle twisted as I was trapsing on the beach, and immediately a small pocket of fluid was around my ankle. A week later I saw a chiropractor who, as I was lying completely flat on the table, pulled my leg (on the injured ankle side) very hard by holding onto my heel, and keeping the foot upright. There was no immediate pain from this, although not any real improvement in the ankle either. Later that day, I noticed it hurt to put pressure on my heel. I would say that since, (and perhaps before w/ me just not noticing) my ankle is getting better, and my heel is worse. If I am walking down hill, or when ever I extend my foot there is pain and restricted movement. I have occassional pains running up the back of my calf. What do you recommend?


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