Achilles Tendonitis or Partial Tear

On Monday of this week I began running again after about a 2 month layoff.
Monday I was fine and Tuesday as well.
Wednesday I felt a minor pain in my right foot around the achilles tendon area but continued running and the pain was very bearable but noticeable.
This tightness continued after I finished running but was less noticeable.
On Thursday I go running again this time it bothered me alot worse but I continued and endured the pain throughout my workout.
Afterwards it was still hurting and after driving home when I got out it was very sore and hurt when I walked.
While walking that evening I could feel pain but it gradually lightened as the evening went on.
On Friday (today) when I first got up it was sore but seemed to loosen up as the day went on it felt better but after not moving for an amount of time (sitting at my desk) when I get up it hurts slightly.
I have had pain in my achilles before but not this severe.
I also have swelling and a small lump in the achilles area.
I performed the Thompson test successfully, can stand on the ball of my foot (although I feel some discomfort).
My question is should I rest this using the RICE method or see a doctor for a partial rupture?
Please Advise.. I don’t think it’s torn based on research but a partial tear I guess is possible even though tendinitis seems more likely.
Oh I run between 3-7 miles daily.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You have obviously taken a great deal of time to post this information, and I understand your concern, but unless I were to examine you and take x-rays and do a sonogram or MRI, I can not tell you whether you have tendonitis, a partial tear or complete tear. Thompson’s test can be misleading. One thing I will say about pain is that if you ignore it and it gets worse, that means trouble later.Have this seen about either by a podiatrist or orthopedist.


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