achilles tendons

My achilles’ tendons have become inflammed several weeks ago, so I have stopped running to allow them to recover. I have tried icing them down, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Any suggestions what I can do to reduce inflammation? Also, it was suggested that I use Tuli heel cups to elevate my heels in order to reduce the stress on the tendons – any comment on this?

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    I play soccer. I first began to feel pain in my achillies tendon on my right foot at a soccer camp. I laid off it for almost 2 months until my local soccer camp started yesterday. My friend said that if the achillies tendon pops-you have to have surgery and that it’s possible that I may not be able to play soccer any more. When I simply press on my tendon, I can feel it stretch. Walking is painful. My father is the coach of my soccer team. If I am worrying over nothing, I would like to now before mentioning this to my father. Please help.


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