Achillies Heel

Any advice you can give me would be great and highly appreciated. My situation is as follows: I have an Uncle who is in a correctional facility.
He ruptured his Achilles’ tenant there, in a basketball game a year ago. He had surgery to repair it and spent 3 months in a cast. The doctor did order physical therapy for him however, he never received any.
He’s been trying therapy on his own for four months still he walks with a limp and can’t run, jump or walk up any stairs.
If you can give me any directions on where I can find any literature on rehabilitation for his injury or if you have any information you can fax, email or mail to me so can in turn forward it to him, I would be highly appreciative. Thanks in advance,Kamiesha Davis

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    May PT

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    Why they don’t have PT for prisoners is beyond me. They are people too. Anyway, let me climb off my soapbox and give you this sight http


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