Achillies tendonitis

I have been seeing an orthopedic surgeon for Achillies Tendonitis.
The problem started 4 months ago. I’m a 4 mile a day runner at least I was up until 4 months ago.
I have been in PT for the past month with ultrasound and something related to a tens unit.
I have been stretching and exercising it nearly no improvement. This Orthopedic doctor wants to do surgery but I’m not big on surgeries. I would like to know if any type of orthodics would work or at least help a little.

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    I also have seen an orthopedic surgeon and phyisotherapist for Achillies Tendonitis and seen no improvement, if anything it’s worse. I’ve had achillies tendonitis in both legs for one and half years, and now my Orthopedic surgen wants to do surgery. There must be other options, are their any other practioners that specialise in achillies tendonitis injuries and ways to make it better not worse. Who do athletes go and see when they get achilies tandon injuries?


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