Achillies/calf strain

I went to see a doctor at the british olympic medical center yesterday and he said that my long term calf injury is just a strain and not compartment syndrome or a nerve entrapment. he says i have strain my achillies where at ht epoint where the achillies joins with the calf ( about 12 cm above my heel). So ive had this strain for 3 years now and he said it hasnt healed yet because it needs strengthening but no operation will be needed! he’s gave me a strengthening and stretching programme and i need regular massage. he said that complete rest isnt the answer as ive rested for 6 months and it didnt get better.

id be grateful if anyone would like to give there views on his answer and any tips for calf/achillies rehab!


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    Assuming the diagnosis is correct and I fully expect it is, I totally agree with what has been recommended.

    I would emphesise the use of regular massage with particualr attention to the mtj. Scar tissue can build up at the mtj (muscular tendinous junction). This needs to be lossened and stretched and strengthened.


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