Acl patella graft acl – nightmare recovery

Hi had an acl reconstruction done 18th december 2004 and what a nightmare recovery. I was kept on crutches for the first 10 weeks couldnt get extention or flexion and even now after 12 weeks it still isnt easy. I am off crutches but have a really bad limp, the knee is very stiff and painful and so with a builld up of scar tissue it is a constant battle to get mobility. Anyone out there that can give me any advice on how to increase both extention and bending (can only bend it to 110 degrees )and that is as far as it will go. I am constantly exercising almost every minute of every day but its hard going and very depressing.

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    wow you posted on my birthday… i dont know how you’re doing, and i honestly dont know much about your injury. but i do knowwww what its like to be unable to do what you want to do- ive been out of my normal schedule for 8 and a half months so far. its important to keep a positive attitude though, negativity i find tends to actually inhibit healing in some ways. so just take the time to relax, do a little excercise, dont hurt yourself, and read a book, draw, write, play video games, watch tv, do something fun. its not easy to cope with but you have to do your best. once again, sorry i can’t give you any info on your injury, ubt staying positive really is essential.


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