ACL tear on right knee of 15 year old boy

My 15 year old son has a tear on his right knee.
He is a pitcher on baseball high school team.
He can still pitch and run.
He has trouble playing an outfield position when moving laterally.
Will surgery affect his growth on the injured leg vs the healthy leg?
Is it better to wait on surgery at his age?
Will a brace give him enough support to continue playing?
Will strengthening the hamstring and other leg muscles help to compensate for the injuried knee?

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    I am having an ACL surgury soon for a ski injury. I found lots of helpfull info on Hope this helps. BTW, while I was doing preop therapy there was a highschool girl who had just done her surgery for the same thing so perhaps age isnt a big factor. Talk to your doctor he should be able to answere your questions too.


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