Acute elbow pain? weightlifting

Greetings all,

Injured elbow doing various bicep curls

Moderate pain in left elbow. No pain when elbow is at or around 90 degrees. No pain when elbow is in comfortable position, and is at rest. Pain persists whenever elbow is in motion, getting worse when limits of range of motion are tested. Cannot bend arm completely, nor can i extend completely, due to swelling (and it hurts), i assume. I would guess 50% range of motion with mild/moderate pain.

RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) is not helping the situation at all.

Right elbow has minor minor pain.. same area.. full range of motion.. no noticable swelling.

I did not notice any popping sounds, nor did I experience any great loss of ability and no great pain directly after workout. The swelling showed up the next morning. So, I am assuming there is no major tearing.

I am assuming that I have a strain of the bicep tendon, and that about all I can do is fill myself with “joint fuel” to speed the recovery. And avoid doing anything that I dont have to do, with that arm.

On the right track?


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