acute injury – 3 weeks now and concerned about symptoms

Three weeks ago, I tripped and broke my second toe, which cannot bend.
The soft tissues surrounding the toe – both in the metatarsal region and in the balls of the foot – were incredibly swollen at first.
The swelling has decreased steadily, and the bruising is now faint.
However, I still cannot bend the toe, and I get intermittent numbness and tingling in the toe and part of the metatarsal area.
Is this normal healing progression?
I do not have health insurance or much money, so I am very concerned as to how to treat this.
I am using crutches right now – no weight bearing.
I can limp along if need be, but then the foot turns darker in color and swells up.
It just irritates it.
Also, when I put my foot flat on the floor, the second toe sticks straight out and does not touch like the others do.
I think this is due to the swelling, since it has steadily lowered closer to normal position as the swelling decreases.Any of this sound bizarre? I thought maybe I had some sprains or something, too …

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without an x-ray, it is difficult to give you much more than a guess. From the description you may have a fracture. An x-ray would be very helpful to see if the bones are in good position or not. I recommend you call around and ask several podiatrist’s offices what the fees for a cash patient would be for a visit and x-rays.


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