Acute Occipital Nueralgia

I have been having headaches for eight weeks.
I have good days, bad days, and really bad days. I am twenty years old and have never had headaches like this before.
My primary physician has sent me to have MRI’s and Bone scans run.
I have not got the results.
I just went to a party where there just happened to be four chiropractors.
My sister in law told one that I have had terrible headaches and he adjusted me.
I felt great for about two hours, and the headaches returned. About three days later I had a terrible attack.
I did not know what was going on.
I was at work and remeber lying in the floor, and my supervisor asking for my husband’s phone number.
I was shaking, hyperventalting, and had the worst headache ever.
I thought my head was exploding.
They rushed me to the emergency room where the doctor diagnosed me with Acute Occipital Nueralgia.
He said it could very well be the worst pain a human could experience.
He injected something in the back of my neck and head.
I was just wondering if seeing a chiropractor could make the nerve injury worse?

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    i to have the same and a ciro will NOT make it better. only time ,,injections,or surgery wll cure occipital nueralgia..


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