Adjusting my back

Several years ago, while receiving a massage, a girl used a technique to “pop” some of my lower vertebrae by pulling on the skin which covers each vertebrae. I’ve noticed this is quite easy to do, and does relieve lower back pain quite a bit. My question is: Have you ever heard of or tried this? is this method regularly used? is it fairly safe?It’s a matter of curiosity for me, as I’ve never seen a chiropractor do it. However it seem much easier than most home adjustment methods.

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear Chris, I have never seen this method. it would appear to be gentile and safe. Keep in mind that “popping” of the vertebrae is not the same as receiving a specific Chiropractic adjustment.Please fell free to visit us to learn more about health related topics. Kind regardsDr Anthony Gambale, Curve Solutions Team


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