advice for achilles soreness

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I am a competitive runner and have achilles tendon soreness.
It is not severe but I would like some professional advice, espeically about possibly getting orthodics.
I don’t know who I should see- PT? Podiastrist? Orthapedist? Whats the difference?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Achilles tendon problems can be due to a variety of causes, some of which can be helped by orthotics and some not. My recommendation is you see a podiatrist who can discuss your options and go from there.


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    Hi, I had surgery on july 15th/not walking I am in a wheel chair. after my surgeon took my stitches out my wound open its open//showing my tendon.. I attend a wound care center twice a week. I am in a wheel chair no boot at this point in time. have to get my tissues to regrow its filling it slowly.. I was told I need new grandualted tissues/saw a plastic surgeon because I will need a graft but the plastic surgeon need to know if my tendon is still in tact before he do this/what he will have to do is take tissue out my back and put in talk about pain and aches.. I just wanna know did anyone go through this delimea I am going through. I tore my achilles running playing not for exercise I was a walker at one time did alot of walking and jogging I have gained alot of weight so running with some flip flops on was what did it for me. and I haven’t walked in about 2 months .does anyone keep their feet elevated mine swells up on me daily if I don’t keep it up !! please help some of my pain . I am think some doctor did some thing malpractice. But it c ould be he did everything right but I am concern!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!


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