Advice from anyone who had damaged ACL please


I have posted here about my right knee problem but would like some further advice from fellow ACL injury sufferes.

Once the initial traumer of the injury has subsided what did your knee feel like?

Basically I have injured my right knee after key hole surgey 6 times in the last 4 years. After the initial swelling and pain has gone my knee slowely became more stable and I could walk forward quite easly, even carrying heavy loads as im a builder, but i still get aching pains when i retuern home after a hard days work. And I also can tell that if i twisted my knee quite vigorously whilst waklking or running that it would buckel underneath me.

I am now scheduled for a second arthroscapy next week to see what has happened to my ACL. But i just wanted to know w aht other people have experienced with their ACL injuries.

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