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Can anyone offer advice on my query – I don’t have any pain with my knee – however when bending down (for say squats) I have what sounds like a horrible grating sound within the knee.

There is no actual pain but it is a worry – perhaps ligaments being stretched but I’m not sure.


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    The grating/gravely/popping sound you are experiencing sounds like it is coming from the back of your kneecap. It is referred to as crepitus. What happens is the articular cartilage that covers the back of the patella and the femur softens a bit and can get a little rough. When you bend your knees, the pressure of the patella on the femur increases, and the roughness causes the gravely/grating noises. Generally, unless this is painful, it is nothing to worry about. If it is painful, then you should see your physician.


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    Hi woody

    I’m just about to ask the same thing! My knees click and crack and make a horrible gravelly grating sound when i do squats/walk up stairs etc. I do a lot of aerobics and I started jogging a while ago – but stopped as my knees got even worse. I’ve been taking glucosamine for about 6 months but i haven’t noticed any real improvemen. Did you find out what it is?


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