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I broke the third metartasal in my right foot back in July, as of 8-27 I was exrayed and told the bone healed. The break was almost at my ankle, and resulted from a bad fall. My foot had twisted, I fell 2 feet and impacted on the side of the foot. Now I still get pain in the ball of my foot, and I cannot put any pressure on the ball of my foot. I cannot walk correctly, go up or down stairs correctly, walk quickly and I can forget about running. I thought that I was exeragerating the pain, but then I tried to walk on my tiptoes, and found that I cannot do it as it HURTS and my foot will not support me at all. the podiatritst I have been going to does not know what is wrong, he has pressed on my foot and there is no pain. Only when I try to walk. When I get up at night I hobble and cannot put weight on the foot, same thing for in the morning.
I know that my foot was extremely swollen and only now is almost back to normal size (it is still bigger than the other foot. I also had a lot of edema in the foot for over a month.
The dr. wants me to see another dr., but I am wondering what could be wrong. He had also mentioned that I might have some sort of syndrome, that it is rare but does happen. Or that I may have nerve damage as when I massage my toes and the ball of my foot, it feels kinda tingly.Any idea what it could be. I think this is a long time (almost 3 months) for a broke foot to heal.JoAnn


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You might get some answers if you go see another doctor for a second opinion. I recommend you do so.


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    i have broken my 2nd metartasal can you tell me how long it usually takes to heal thanks


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