Ah my bloody hamstring

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I have had loads of hamstring injuries but have tried my hardest to clear them up with stretches etc, but the latest one doesn’t seem to clear up it is at the top of my leg just below my gleut and not always present especially in stretches.The muscle sometimes flares up but settles down quickly and returns to normal. I would realy appreciate any advice on this subject CHEERS!

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    have you tried stretching the piriformis? it is a very common muscle to flare up and is in that area, ischial bursitis is a possibility if you sit alot, vary you stretches a little, and try some new ones for hip rotators as well as extensors, ultrasound will help a tendonitis as well.
    any of that sound good?


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    If this is something that has been going on for an extended period of time I would definitely recommend that you go see a sports doctor.

    I would recommend resting until your hamstring feels COMPLETELY better. It could be that you have been returning to the activities that caused the problem too soon. Therefore, it never has had the chance to heal.

    As for now, make sure to do RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate). Hope this helps!



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