all metatarsul fractured

My daughter fractured all metatarsuls, dislocated large toe, all ligaments damaged – huge. It was last August – had the surgery screws and wires removed and back training as an Elite trampolinist. Thing is she still can’t run – can’t get the final follow thru movement thru stiffness. The surgeon said don’t have physio, and now a physio has looked and said you have damaged it by not having physio – stop training. I would hate her to have permanent disablement thru not doing something now when she could. What do you think?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I would really need to examine her foot and see x-rays before and after surgery. There is a time for immobilization while the bone and soft tissue are healing then there is a time to get motion going. Physical therapy is a useful tool in the rehabilitation of a patient. I would ask the surgeon why he/she said stop the physical therapy.


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